I enjoy lecturing on biology and biotechnology, I talk about several different topics, including

– Using genetic technology to recreate extinct species, and how this will affect our society.

– The ongoing revolution  in biotechnology and gene modifications interests me very much. I’m discussing how I think it will influence our world just as much as the digital revolution.

– The fascinating, scary and wierd animals that challenge our common imaginations of the world around us. I talk about parasites controlling the brains of their prays, animals who neither get older nor dies and also about the mites in your face.

– I also enjoy speaking about is the enormous variation of gender and sex in the animal world. I have given lectures on this at among others the Malmö Pride festival.

Would you like to know more? Please, send me an email to torill@kornfeldt.se

Below is a short lecture I gave at the Brainwash festival in Amsterdam 2017