I have been a freelance journalist since 2015. I write for several of Swedens leading media outlets, including Forsking & Framsteg, Ny Teknik, Sveriges Radio and Historiskan.
My book, The Re-origin of species was published in 2016 (Fri Tanke förlag) and in 2017 my radio show Hopp! was launched on public service radio. I am currently writing my next book for Natur & Kultur.

I give about 20 lectures a year on biology, biotechnology and the future of science.

Current work

Since my new book is about to be launched in March next year, I have been spending a lot of time working with that. The work has included a lot of traveling and even more writing (and re-writing…).
I have also continued moderated lectures/events for Folkuniversitetet.
I participated in a anthology including short stories, interviews and more scientific oriented writing about the climate and climate crisis. The book is called Vad håller ni på med? (”What are you doing?”). Participers in the book are, among others, Greta Thunberg and Annika Norlin (Säkert/Hello Saferide).

Previous work

During 2018
Moderated around 10 lectures/events for a Swedish organisation called Folkuniversitetet, along with other events. I also gave lectures on my book The Re-origin of species and wrote articles for some Swedish magazines.

During 2017
I had the pleasure to be able to broadcast my radio show Hopp! for Swedish public service. I gave lectures on my book The Re-origin of species and also biology and Genetic Engineering. I also hade the possibility to travel abroad, to the Netherlands, to talk about my book.

During 2016
My book launched! The same year it also started to translate into Finnish and English word rights. A lot of fun things happened during this year, I was invited to speak about the subject in my book in the radio and I participated in the Swedish Bokmässa in Gothenburg.

During 2015
I worked as a radio reporter for Swedish public service’s science department. I also worked a lot on my book during this year, work that involved a lot of traveling to exciting places.

During 2014
News editor at the Science Department, Sveriges Radio: I lead the daily production of news, supervised the reporters and choose our news stories.

During 2013
Hosted the technology show Tekniksafari at Sveriges Radio. The aim of the show was to present new technology in an engaging and surprising way. I covered a wide range of areas, from augmented reality to robot-building classes for children.

During 2012
Managing the content of sverigesradio.se/vetenskap and our social media content.

During 2011
Reporter at the Science department at Sveriges Radio. As a reporter I have worked with both news stories and features, as well as a live broadcaster for our news.

Freelance science journalist: As a freelance science journalist I had assignments from Sweden’s leading popular science magazine Forskning & Framsteg and the science section of the leading daily newspaper Dagens nyheter.

Holiday stand-in reporter Science section at Dagens Nyheter: Dagens Nyheter is Sweden’s leading daily newspaper and working there gave me the opportunity of covering a broad range of subjects, and writing both shorter news and longer features.


PhD-student in Biology Lund University 2009-2011
Working as a PhD-student was engaging and gave me a broad knowledge of biology. My research area was vision in insects and how this corresponds to flight speed. I had the opportunity to teach in several university courses, including physiology, sensory biology and neurobiology. I also had the opportunity to develop and take part in a Biology show for children hosted by my department.

MSci. in Biology Lund University 2004-2008
During my studies I took courses in several different biological subjects, from physiology and genetics to ecology. I also took courses in chemistry, philosophy and astronomy.