Beeing a scientific journalist, author and speaker focusing on biology and biotechnology, I communicate in different ways with my audience.

I enjoy lecturing on biology and biotechnology. The ongoing revolution  in biotechnology and gene modifications interests me very much. I also speak inspringly and engagingabout the fascinating, scary and wiered animals which challenge our common imaginations of the world around us. Please, read more on Lectures.

As a freelance journalist I write for several different outlets. During some years I was part of the scientific editorial staff at the leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Later, I have written articles of many topics in well-known Swedish magazines specializing in science and technology. You may find examples of my diversity and work under Publications.

I have  worked as a journalist at the scientific editorial staff of Swedish public service. During these years I searched for information, interviewed scientists and created programs on a variety of different topics. Some of them you find in Radio-programs .